Period fabrics and ceramics for costume and set designers

I have a passion for reconstructing old textile fragments and extant ceramics with Photoshop, and making them into usable pieces again.
Also specializing in faux surface design; using light and shadow to create the illusion of texture.

I offer custom work for film, theater, museums, Renaissance Faires, and re-enactors.
List of items on offer at bottom of this page.
Carla at

You can also visit my shop on Spoonflower where some designs are available for purchase as yardage.

historic Ottoman fabric reconstructed

wallpapers and faux surfaces for set design

costume and set design mock-ups

vintage labels and packaging

potential of surface design

A partial list of what is on offer:
costume fabrics (any time period. yardage in a large variety of materials. washable. woven (heavier polyester) or printed)
trim and other embellishments
miniature designs for stop action animation and art dolls (cut and sew fabric with embellishments printed on surface)
period tent borders, embellishments, floor cloths and fake carpets, room dividers
vintage upholstery fabrics
Mock-ups (see different fabrics in situ or on the wearer)
art prints
wallpaper (vintage papers and faux surfaces like fake tiles)
miniature tents and scaled down fabric designs for museum dioramas
reconstruction of fragments for museum exhibits or costume construction
plate replicas for museum gift shops, props
Custom drapery fabric
Vintage labels, packaging
Renfaire set materials
custom tapestries and banners
leggings and fake boot shoe covers

Most work can be accomplished online.
Visit the portfolio page for a better understanding of the potential and uses of digital surface design

We also have a large network of artisans producing pre- 19th century items.
Inquiries may be sent to