This drawing is a design sketch from the 15th century in the Timurid style.
It is one quarter of a "Cloud Collar", very fashionable in Persia at the time.

It has been rendered in faux embroidery and placed it on a background with a Persian cloud band pattern.
The fabric is shown unfinished on the dress form.
When finished, it will be lined and open down the front.

Much time and effort can be saved by printing ornament directly onto the material
Below, the collar is rendered in calmer colors on a simurgh (phoenix) background.
A section is shown of the graphic.

...and finished...

These and other designs are now offered for purchase in an online shop.
I am willing to entertain requests for color and background changes.
I can be contacted at Carla at

Note: Spoonflower, the fabric printing service that I use has changed it's site. In the past, if you entered 3 yards of fabric, you could see 3 yards displayed entire. Now, it only shows one yard, which makes it hard to see what you're getting if the fabric isn't a small, repeating one. Those interested in purchasing the caftans can find the deep coral colored caftan here, and the light blue here. It is formatted for 3 yards of Silky Faille 54" wide. There is a matching trim included at the side edges for the sleeves. Contact me for resizing for different fabrics)

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